Our programs

The children we help are reached through programs administered by selected institutions that care for children in need, at risk, or in trouble. Our goal is to help them heal, regain hope and confidence, and get a fresh start in life.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic FAAFC has awarded an exceptional grant to Sanctuary for Families to support their Children & Family Services Program. SFF is New York’s leading service provider and advocate for survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and related forms of gender violence. Each year, Sanctuary empowers thousands of adults and children to move from fear and abuse to safety and stability, transforming lives through a comprehensive range of services.

This is the first time in our 81-year history that such a large grant has been awarded to a single organization. We couldn’t be prouder to support Sanctuary for Families’ impactful work in our own NYC community and to assist children whose lives as victims of domestic abuse is significantly worsened by the trauma of the current public health crisis, school closures, and economic downturn.

2019-2020 GRANTEES

The Children's Village

The Children’s Village residential treatment facility and school provides a safety net for troubled children who would otherwise be lost in a bureaucratic system. FAAFC supports in particular the teen mother program which teaches youngsters how to parent and take care of their infants and continue with their own education.

Books for Kids

Books for Kids creates specially curated Libraries and provides Library Specialists for kids using the libraries while living in homeless shelters. Early literacy provides children with the tools to succeed later in life. Books for Kids is partnering with New York City’s Department of Homeless Services in key neighborhoods.

France Parrainages

France Parrainages works with children from diverse cultural backgrounds to help them build a better future in France and abroad. In 2020, FAAFC will participate in "Parrainage or Sponsorship" in France, a mentoring program that is being replicated in various underserved regions.

Tête en l'air

Tête en l’air, an association for those parents whose children have undergone neurosurgery. As the children live with cerebral shunts they need to be continuously monitored. A Smartphone app was developed to help the patients communicate with doctors and medical staff. In 2020, FAAFC supported the dissemination of these activities to outside metropolitan Paris.

FACE Dual Language Fund

French dual language programs offer bilingual education and an exceptional multicultural learning environment to children in public schools across the United States.

Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club

Assists young people in realizing and achieving their potential for growth and development through thoughtfully designed afterschool programs. FAAFC supports both Brent's Club, a healthy-choices program for young people which promotes drug-free living; and the Culinary Learning Kitchen, which educates young people about healthy eating and shopping. The kitchen will also provide valuable career-readiness services for teens interested in becoming chefs or entering the catering and culinary professions.

Children of Promise

Children of Promise provides support to children of incarcerated parents and empower them to break the cycle of intergenerational involvement in the criminal justice system. FAAFC assists the creation of a mental health support system for the children.

La Charité Maternelle de Paris

La Charité Maternelle de Paris provides specialized treatments for children faced with critical cardiac problems. In 2020, FAAFC invested in the expansion of the Parent’s House so that more parents are able to stay on a short-term basis while their children undergo procedures.

Sport dans la Ville

Sport dans la Ville is France's leading non-profit serving disadvantaged kids through sports and job-readiness training. In 2019, FAAFC supported "L dans la Ville", a project that empowers young girls through sports.

Bisous for Léo

Is a campaign to raise funds for a French-American boy named Leo who has been diagnosed with INAD - Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy a rare, genetic and neurodegenerative disease. FAAFC contributed to the campaign’s goal to enable for research towards treatment and a cure for this disease that is like "Parkinson's mixed with Alzheimer's for kids."

Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Hospital

Elizabeth Seton Children’s is a hospital serving medically complex children in need of specialized care. FAAFC helped to procure a Power Standing Wheelchair which aids in providing healthier outcomes for children faced with long term hospitalization.

Girls Write Now

Girls Write Now offers mentoring to underserved young women through the power of writing and community. FAAFC contributes to the year-long program which pairs 150 young women with 150 professional writers who meet weekly. This partnership provides an insight into the power of writing in a future career as they consider higher education.


The Association de Langue Parlée Complétée is a group working to advance the social inclusion of deaf children by making oral and written French language accessible through cued speech. FAAFC fully funds workshops and programs teaching English cued speech in summer camps.

React to Film

REACT to FILM provides curricula for a full year or semester-long media literacy and civic engagement elective course. This program exposes students to film as a way of learning about a social issue, engages them in a critical conversation and inspires them to take tangible action within their communities.


EDAAV (Ecole d’art au village) brings art and exposure to other cultures to young people coming from underserved neighborhoods. Students from France and the United States interact with each other using digital platforms as they learn to appreciate the arts and history. Most recently, students created art around the theme of “New York-Versailles: un voyage imaginaire” while learning about Versailles at the time of kings.