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[NEW] Child Health Webinar – Alarming Rise in Excess Weight and Diabetes in Children : Strategies and Solutions

On March 7 @ 6:00pm , please join us two nutrition and health experts for a dynamic fireside chat on strategies to address unhealthy weight gain and diabetes among children.

Dr Juliana Cohen, nutrition epidemiologist, and Dr. Ileana Vargas-Rodriguez, pediatric endocrinologist, will talk about the increasing prevalence of these chronic conditions in the U.S., where about 19.3% of the entire population is defined as obese and an estimated 11.3% of the overall population has been diagnosed with diabetes.

Drawing from their experience treating young patients, Drs. Cohen and Vargas-Rodriguez will inform you about the serious short and long-term risks of these diseases. They will conclude by sharing practical strategies and resources for families, regarding foods, beverages, and physical activities.

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