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Loïc, 16 years-old, shares how his “PARRAINAGE” has impacted his life

Our Grantee FRANCE PARRAINAGE has developed testimonials videos (click here to see short clip) with the support of FAAFC’s 2021-2022 grant. These new communication tools allow to considerably extend the association’s outreach. They tangibly convey the profound impact that sponsors can have on a vulnerable child’s life and are a key factor in recruiting new host families. This year FRANCE PARRAINAGE was able to open two new sponsorships centers (in both Meuse and Gironde)





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Grantee News

France Parrainages launches new campaign

Congratulations to our long-time grantee France Parrainage for their extensive campaign aimed at recruiting new sponsors or “parrains de coeurs”. Their posters can now be